Amme healtH PARK

AS Dentes, operating in the Ropka Manor complex in Tartu, is expanding its activities into a scenic area bordering the Amme River, where a holistic residential and recreation complex – the Amme Health Park – will be built on a 27-hectare area.


Amme Health Park will be built a 15-minute drive away from Tartu, on a 27-hectare property by Jõhvi highway that is bordered by Amme River.

The idea of the Amme Health Park came from Ropka Manor, which is located in Tartu and has been offering various health services for 25 years.

This is a thriving region of Tartu County, where entrepreneurship has also been developing.

There are various leisure opportunities all around. The Lähte and Vedu health trails and the Saadjärv, Soitsjärv, and Elistvere lakes are located nearby.

The much-visited Ice Age Centre is also close by, and the Elistvere Manor, together with the Elistvere Animal Park established in the large manor park, is also located in its proximity.

There is a total of seven + one of these unique plots for sale in the complex: Kuuse, Seedri, Kadaka, Tamme, Saare, Paju, Lepa + Saviveere (see scheme).


We wish to create a holistic living and recreation complex where everyone can feel good, regardless of their age, gender, social affiliation, or origin.

The developer also wants to contribute to the formation of a community in rural areas. To create a high quality of life, the project involves a variety of service providers to create the ideal conditions for living, resting, improving and maintaining health, as well as recreational activities related to leisure, sports, fishing, arts, and mastering skills. Based on the visitor’s preferences, dignity, quality, professionalism, and complexity of services will be given priority. Added value is provided by the beautiful nature with tastefully designed recreation areas.

There are several different ways to start living and/or doing business at Amme Health Park.

The rear area is divided into eleven plots of 1–4 ha, bordering the Amme River.

It is also possible to build a pond on the plots.

The plots are suitable for both building a home and setting up a small business.

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Two buildings connected to each other by a gallery will be built on the first 5 hectares of land; the first building will house a spa and a sauna centre with various beauty and health service providers and a café, and exclusive apartments will be built in the second building.

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Hiking and running trails, a public beach area, fishing opportunities, disc golf courses, a shared barbecue area, and a campfire site will be built in the Amme Health Park area.

Amme Health Park is an ideal place for people who have dreamed of a comfortable and safe habitat that is close to nature.